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Young man looking on his laptop for debt consolidation loans Young man looking on his laptop for debt consolidation loans

Combine high-interest, unsecured debt
into one, low-interest monthly payment.


Simplify Your Debt with a Debt Consolidation Loan.

Do you have high-interest, unsecured debt from credit cards and personal loans following you around? Consider combining into a single, low-rate debt consolidation loan and save some money in the process!

Affinity Debt Consolidation Rates
Affinity offers rates as low as 13.75% APR1

Apply online today and begin your journey toward becoming debt-free!

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Debt Consolidation Loan
Is a Debt Consolidation loan right for me?

Repaying your debt can often feel challenging. That’s why making a plan to manage your payments and balances can help.

What You Need to Apply
  • Proof of income
  • Account statements from creditors to be paid by loan proceeds
  • Certificate of completion from the free course entitled, Creating a Budget and Sticking To It, which is available through out partnership with Enrich.
In addition to the required course, Enrich offers many other courses and tools to assist you in managing your finances including Mastering Credit & Optimizing Your Score to help you determine if a debt consolidation is right for you.